Kubernetes Consultants

Expert advice to unleash the full potential of Kubernetes

Kubernetes Consulting

We have deployed production-ready Kubernetes clusters for the most ambitious startups and established organisations. During this time, we have been exposed to the most intricate problems and we want to bring this knowledge to your firm.

Our experience will enable you to get the most out of Kubernetes and ensure you avoid unnecessary issues and pitfalls. We will bootstrap your team and accelerate your learning curve to provide you with a confident headstart.

Cloud Discovery Audit

Are you thinking of migrating to Kubernetes but have concerns regarding compatability with your existing infrastructure and applications?

Our Cloud Discovery Audit is a comprehensive assessment of the overall status of your infrastructure and its applications. We will provide you with a detailed plan and changes required to move forward and facilitate your migration to Kubernetes.

Cluster Review

Do you have an existing cluster and want to know if your using the correct components?

Our Cluster Review will validate existing work on Kubernetes, and identify any areas of your cluster that could be improved. You will receive a report with improvements laid out in a suggested remediation plan with prioritised recommendations based on our experience.

By the end of the review, you will have a list of concrete steps on improving your cluster based on best-practices and industry standards. In addition, we provide the option to work with your team and implement these recommendations.